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Taylor Swift Offers up Some Love with Virtual Concert

city of concert

Taylor Swift performs during the Grammy Awards in 2016.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, numerous artists have had to cancel entire tours and concerts. That includes Taylor Swift. In fact, just last month, her only planned live appearances for 2020, including her scheduled Lover Fest dates in the United States, were cancelled. She’s even gone as far as pushing some of her stadium gigs to early 2021. Considering the current situation- that’s actually quite a clever move, and possibly the safest option. 

But thankfully, not all hope is lost. In this difficult period, technology has come to the rescue, time after time. And so, Taylor Swift has arranged a live performance element via a new concert film slated to air on May 17th. It’s got quite the charming name – City of Lover Concert

The show was filmed in September 2019 at L’Olympia Theater in Paris. For Taylor Swift, this marks her first full live performance since the release of her last album, ‘Lover’ back in August. So, we can probably expect to hear the raw, live version of that entire tracklist, which is absolutely delightful. 

What the Teaser Offers:

In fact, ABC even released quite a cinematic teaser for this concert. In the brief clip, you get to see different shades of Taylor Swift. For some numbers, the funkier ones, she’s burning up the stage with her backup dancers. For others, she’s back on a stool, acoustic guitar on hand. And finally, it looks like she really takes things down a notch. Because we also catch a glimpse of Taylor sitting at a grand piano.

While this might be a far reach from the usual concert experience, perhaps it will placate those fans who hoped to see her this year. Across the globe, Lover Fest tickets were purchased, So, it’s heartbreaking for an artist to watch their fans’ dreams being crushed. So, in that sense, it’s nice to see Taylor Swift doing whatever she can to cheer up fans, and bring them something precious. 

Speaking of, Taylor expressed her frustrations over this in a recent interview. “It’s tough to watch the plans you’ve had for so many months start to slip away and there’s nothing you can do about it,” she said.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that the news of this virtual concert has still left fans thrilled. In fact, over the past few days, Taylor Swift has gone out of her way to keep her fans sated. She recently wished a fan who works in the medical field a happy birthday. And here’s what she did, for this fan she sent over balloons, merchandise and a handwritten letter. So, all in all, she truly seems like the gift that keeps on giving. 

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