Teaser For The Elizabeth Taylor Podcast ‘Elizabeth The First’ Narrated By Katy Perry is Out

‘Elizabeth The First’, a new podcast series on Elizabeth Taylor that will be narrated by Katy Perry, has a release date and a teaser for the first episode.

Image courtesy: Glamour UK

The ten-part series, which will honour Taylor as ‘the original influencer,’ will include testimonies from people who knew her best as well as recordings from the ‘House of Taylor’ archives. Perry will cover topics such as Taylor’s contribution to the film industry and her activism for social causes.

Check out the teaser for the podacst below:

Image courtesy: MARCA

The podcast will also examine Taylor’s ascent to the position of highest-paid actress in the world in the 1960s, when she successfully negotiated the first $1 million contract to play Cleopatra in 1963. 

In a statement following the podcast’s announcement in March, Perry said that, like most people, she was attracted to Taylor’s glamour and that Perry will continue referencing Taylor through some of her own visuals.

Image courtesy: Billboard

Talking about Elizabeth Taylor, Perry said that she is inspired by her bold activism, constant boss moves in the business and out of all, her unapologetic way of loving. She ended the statement saying, these are all the things Perry tries to be in her own life.