Ten Best Songs of Ace of Base

The Swedish pop band Ace of Base was founded in 1990 and originally consisted of siblings, Jonas, Linn and Jenny Berggren with Ulf Ekberg.

Following the 1992 release of their debut album ‘Happy Nation’, they gained worldwide success. It was later reissued as ‘The Sign’ and became the best-selling album of 1994. It was certified nine times platinum in the US.

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One of the best-selling debut albums of all time, it was the first to produce three No. 1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart: ‘All That She Wants’, ‘The Sign’ and ‘Don’t Turn Around’.

Throughout the 1990s, they continued to score hit singles with songs like ‘Beautiful Life,’ ‘Lucky Love,’ ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘Life Is a Flower’. They were the third most popular Swedish group of all time, behind ABBA and Roxette, with 30 million copies of their first four studio albums sold as of 2002.

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Although largely inactive since 2012, the group has never formally disbanded. They have released a handful of demo tracks over the past ten years, initially through their Facebook page and then in 2015 on the compilation album ‘Hidden Gems’. An expanded two-disc edition was included in the 2020 boxset ‘All That She Wants: The Classic Collection’. In her solo gigs, Jenny Berggren still performs the group’s hits all over the world. Check out their ten best songs below!

  1. All That She Wants
  1. Beautiful Life
  1. Happy Nation
  1. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry
  1. The Sign
  1. Wheel of Fortune
  1. Cruel Summer
  1. Don’t Turn Around
  1. Living in Danger
  1. Lucky Love