The 1975 Are Dedicating A Love Letter to Their Friendship

The 1975 band

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the 1975’s fourth album, ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’. And after much anticipation, it’ll finally land on our laps, next week, May 22nd. Due to this global pandemic, the album’s faced multiple delays, but thankfully the 1975 have kept us well fed. ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ has a whopping 22 tracks, of which, we’ve already heard seven of them.

This includes their brand new track, ‘Guys’. This tune’s a little slower than their previous numbers. It features frontman, Matt Healy’s, airy vocals over a bed of gentle guitar riffs. The song is uncomplicated and charming. It speaks of Healy’s love for his bandmates and has him reminiscing on their early days. He sings:

I don’t know why I’m surprised

‘Cause we all shared one apartment

Man, they were the golden times

They were the best of my life

The moment that you took my hand (The moment that you took my hand)

Was the best thing that ever happened, yeah

And here’s the kicker – ‘Guys’ is the last track on the album – making it quite the sentimental conclusion. In fact, all the 1975 band members had a hand in penning down the lyrics to multiple tracks.

What Matt Healy Has to Say

Speaking on how this track was born, Matt Healy explained in an interview, “It came quite easy that song, but I think I just wanted to write a love letter to friendship, as opposed to every love song being about our romantic relationships. I think that our friendships are obviously our most formative relationships. So shout out to the homies.”

Previously, the band has released tunes like “Me & You Together Song” and “People”. Their seven singles have shown us that this album will see a range of different genres, all bleeding in and out of each other.

Perhaps the theme for this 1975 album can be explained in a single quote by Matt Healy: “Self-love and being good to yourself and being a good person — that’s like the cool stuff now!”