The 5 Most Powerful Film Soundtracks of 2020

This year has been witness to not only a flood of brilliant films but also their accompanying soundtracks. Crafting a track for a film is a whole different ball game, yet one the newbies seem to have mastered with ease.

Very often, it’s a film’s soundtrack that becomes its defining factor. It helps shape the mood of the visual, while also heightening the crowd’s emotional response to the film. And as if these two factors haven’t proved to be challenging enough, the score of a film also needs to reflect certain elements of the plot. Be it through songwriting or the mere soundscape of the track itself – it should sprinkle just enough without giving away too much.

This year, a number of rising stars have dabbled in the world of film soundtracks for the very first time. And they go by the names: Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and Travis Scott. But then again, we’ve also included some old hands: Justin Timberlake, SZA and Beyonce. Their respective scores have arrived with a spectrum of different moods, themes and sounds all aligning with the concept behind the visual. This is an art that not many can master and yet, the challenge of attempting to do so has forged some brilliant pieces of work. Take a look…