The 5 Most Streamed Groups in Music: BTS to The Beatles

Most Streamed Groups gloabally

Music is changing in more ways than one. And, as multi talented performers are at it, redefining the music landscape, the group phenomenon stays strong. From Maroon 5 and BTS to Queen and The Beatles, the power of a group act has never felt so strong. Here’s a rundown of the most streamed groups in music, and their biggest hits to date, according to the latest Global Spotify numbers

1. BTS

In a path breaking show of events, South Korean boy group, BTS, have taken the music world by storm, leading this list. The group stands tall at a cumulative 13.1 million followers. In addition, their most streamed songs are a mixed bag of sparkly pop, r&b and pop ballads. Their most streamed song, ‘Boy With Luv’, featuring friend and close collaborator, Halsey, stands tall at 487 million streams and counting. Following up with 117 million streams is their February release, ‘ON’ from the album, ‘Map of the Soul: 7″.

Other tracks in the list are the latest film OST, ‘Your Eyes Tell’ (21 million streams), ‘Stay Gold’ (41 million streams) and Jimin’s solo track, ‘Filter’ (71 million streams). 

Further, the group is all set to release their English-language single, ‘Dynamite’ on the 21st of August. So, we can expect a quick change up in this list soon.