The BTS Takeover

The music gods are really just listening to all our prayers and making our dreams come true! After two long years of wishing this into the universe, BTS is going to be joining The Late Late Show with James Corden for his famous Carpool Karaoke segment on the 25th of February.

The news broke as the hashtag #BTSCarpoolFEB25 was tweeted on James Corden’s Twitter account. Since then, the tweet has hit 3,00,000 likes, with fans going crazy.

When BTS premiered the performance of their single ‘Black Swan’ on the James Corden’s show, everyone was eager for news about Carpool Karaoke. The boys have always had fun on the show, with Corden being a fan favourite as well!

Be it Stevie Wonder, Michelle Obama, Elton John, Adele or other guests appearing over 49 episodes of Carpool Karaoke have truly enjoyed being on the segment, Corden never leaves us surprised with special elements in the clips.

C’mon BTS, we are ready! And in the meantime, here are some of the funniest Carpool Karaoke episodes to pass the time.

1. Michelle Obama:

The only one who wasn’t a musician but Uf! She killed it. James drove around the White House and we were already over the moon. Grooving and singing all the notes in James’s SUV, she delivered one of the most unimaginable performances. She even explained it was 7 and half years since she was in the passenger’s seat, listening to music. She sang her own version of ‘Single Ladies’ and danced like a true Beyonce fan. It was a car ride we wanted to be in from the start but Missy Elliot made us wish could teleport right that second.

2. Justin Bieber

Appearing on the segment thrice, Justin and James give us friendship goals like no other – from shopping, singing, dancing or arguing. And oh, how can we forget our pop singer trolling James for not actually driving?

3. P!nk

We need to take dance classes from P!nk because she nailed her choreography and taught him like a real teacher. James looked adorable hitting all the right notes, even the high ones. And, how could we miss how beautiful P!nk looked in her wavy hair and big hoops.

4. Adele

From James inviting Adele into the car with her then new release “Hello”, to her acknowledging all his high notes and vocal efforts, this episode was just pleasing to watch and hear. Now, we’ve always known Adele’s vocals are unparalleled but this edition of Carpool Karaoke showed us that she could rap. Well, the more you know!

5. One Direction

Don’t we love a boy band? One direction made sure to show us just that. The highlight of this episode is definitely watching all four heads turn as James shows off his vocal prowess! While they sang the band’s hits, we sure missed Zayn Malik