The Dream Team: Doja Cat & Bebe Rexha Are Here with ‘Baby I’m Jealous’

Bebe Rexha just added Doja Cat to her roster of impressive collaborations. The duo just joined forces for a fresh single titled, ‘Baby I’m Jealous’. Both acts have kept fans at the edge of their seats since they were spotted filming a music video together. And only earlier this week did Bebe Rexha reveal that she’d tied up with Doja Cat for a brand new tune. 

Touching almost three minutes, ‘Baby I’m Jealous’ opens with a husky verse from Rexha. Sprinkled with a groovy set of beats and a funky guitar hook, the tune proves to be quite the catchy treat from start to finish. Doja also spices things up with one sleek rap verse, which seamlessly slips into Rexha’s sultry vocals.

On the surface, the song stays true to its title. The lyrics see Doja and Rexha tracking every step their past lovers take, as they confess to being “the jealous kind”. And yet interestingly, some of the songwriting also arrives with a burst of empowerment, discussing ideas of insecurity and not feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Here, take a look:

Went from beautiful to ugly
‘Cause insecurity told me you don’t love me

This is me, a woman in dichotomy
I love me, until I don’t
Baby, I’m jealous
Of the pictures that you like
Baby, I’m jealous
Of the girls with lighter eyes

Earlier in the year, Bebe Rexha revealed that she did have a brand new album in the works, one inspired by her mental health journey. She also admitted to being quite excited with her tracklist. So, if ‘Baby I’m Jealous’ does indeed find a space there, we cant wait to see what other gems she has in store. 

By: Nina Karun