The Feud Continues Between Drake and Pusha T

The feud continues between Drake and Pusha T, this time it’s on a track which features the latter singer and Pop Smoke. The track, titled ‘Paranoia’ got leaked online and the lyrics take a dig at the ‘Toosie Slide‘ singer.

The beef between the two rappers started when Pusha T revealed to the world that Drake has kept his son as a secret. Soon, we saw Drake posting a video of his kid on father’s day. This should have ended the tension between the rappers but looks like it’s not.

On the ‘Paranoia’ track, Pusha T has a lot of things to say about Drake and the incidents that have made him feel disrespectful. “You know reality bites / It’s chess not checkers / Those empty threats only sound good on your records / If the patois is not followed by blocka / It’s like marked for death Screwface, without the choppa / Let ’em rush the stage when you made like Sinatra”.

Fans think that the lines refer to the event which occurred in 2018 when Pusha T was playing at Drake’s hometown, Toronto. While the American rapper was doing his show, a group of men crossed the barriers and threw cans at the rapper. This led to physical fight among the security guards and the men.

The head of Pop Smoke’s label Victor Victor Worldwide clarifies that the track, ‘Paranoia’ was meant to be included on the rapper’s debut album but missed the mark.

Drake and Pusha T have not reacted to the leak of the track as of yet, but if it was dropped, we don’t think we will hear anymore of it. However, if the feud continues between the rappers, we will aware you to keep popcorn ready.

By : Aatira Kakroo