The Greatest Rock Albums Of All Time

Rock is definitely one of the most celebrated genres in music and right from its conception in the 1950s, its journey to date has been one filled with thrill and adventure. The era of rock gave the world of music a jolt into a bolder dimension with its extensive use of the electric guitar, insane drumming styles, and more often than not, the rebellious personalities of the singers.

While it may appear wild and crazy at first sight, a closer look at rock music will reveal the several mellow elements that are hidden in between its lyrics, patiently waiting for its listeners to discover. It truly is, a genre of music that feeds the soul.

We dug around a little to round up some of The Greatest Rock albums of all time and here’s a look at what we found to be the Best of the Very Best.

Pink Floyd-The Dark Side Of The Moon

Picking on the moon as a metaphor, this album draws a connection with the human mind and the celestial entity to bring alive a theme of why it’s important to reflect back light onto our world. This album was not just good, it was Epic and people loved it so much that it stayed on the “Billboard’s Top 200 Albums” chart for 14 long years.

Led Zeppelin – IV

Widely regarded as one of the ultimate rock songs of all time, this album is a mad combination of mystical lyrics and some unbeatable guitar elements. When we say unbeatable, we really do mean it for hey, haven’t you heard Stairway To Heaven? One of Led Zeppelin’s finest, this album propelled not only the band but the genre of rock as a whole onto a wider platform.

The Beatles – Abbey Road

You would be lying if you say you’ve never attempted recreating the photo from this album while you were walking down the street. Abbey Road was the final music recorded by the band with Sir George Martin and the group’s last hurrah was received with a gigantic response from all over the world. The band’s final act was intended for them to leave on a high note but it accomplished more than that; They created a piece of art that will be remembered till posterity.

Back in Black – AC/DC

Back In Black was released 6 months after the death of the band’s legendary original lead singer, Bon Scott whose part was replaced by Brian Johnson. It was in fact Bon Scott’s parents who encouraged the boys to continue as they felt it was definitely what Bon would have wanted. AC/DC went on to produce this insane work of art that shook the souls of its listeners and humbled them. It was thunderous and clear and raced to the top of charts to become one of the best selling albums in music history.

Queen – A Night At The Opera

A Night At The Opera is laden with exciting songs that are written by all four members and sung by three of them. It is beautiful beyond words, truly a masterpiece that has carved a reputable spot for itself in the genre of rock. Yes, this is the one with the legendary Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Eagles – Hotel California

Hotel California has got to be the Eagles’ magnum opus. Its magnificent guitar work and fascinating lyrics have captivated listeners for years and its title track went on to become one of the most popular songs of all time. Unique, thought-provoking, and soul-feeding probably won’t even begin to describe why millions have fallen in love with it.

Led Zeppelin – II

Here’s a second Led Zeppelin album which has an equal amount of punch and thrill to it as the other album on the list. The blues covers are one of the most attractive points of this album though many would agree that it sounds better when performed live. Listening to the mind-blowing guitar riff in Whole Lotta Love is sure to send your senses out of this world. Trust us, It’s that good.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced

Undoubtedly one of the greatest debut albums of all time, Hendrix made his mark in the world of music as a formidable force with this first act. With innovative techniques, powerful lyrics, and compelling music, Hendrix created a world for his listeners where they felt ecstatic, love-struck, and vulnerable all at once.

The Beatles – Revolver

Right from start to finish, this album is GOLD. Filled with great songs, big ideas, and groundbreaking techniques, Revolver was a huge milestone for The Beatles and is arguably one of their best creations too. ‘Tomorrow never knows’ and ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ remain the most popular tracks from the album.

 Metallica: Master Of Puppets

It’s not just an album, Its an anthem for all metal fans around the world. It was the first album Metallica put out in America on a major label and was the last to feature Cliff Burton, the bassist who tragically died during the band’s subsequent tour. Often regarded as one of Metallica’s finest, this album showed the world what Heavy Metal is capable of.