The Jonas Brothers Decided to Break Up in Their New Book ‘Blood’

‘Blood’ is a joint memoir of the Jonas Brothers’ journey and contains pages from the perspective of each of the three brothers. It is a narrative of the Jonas’ journey as each of them remembers it. In the book, the moment of their 2013 breakup is addressed and each of the brothers gets to put forth their perspective on it. In an excerpt that was shared from the upcoming book, fans get to take a look into Joe’s thoughts as Nick revealed that his heart was “no longer in this”. 

Credits: William Morrow and Company

Joe describes the moment as a tsunami that was rising within him and how Nick’s words came as an utter shock to him. He talks about Kevin’s response and his own utter confused reaction. He says that “I walked into that meeting like a tourist going to the beach. I kicked back on the couch, said, “What’s going on,” and put my feet up. I didn’t see the tsunami coming”. He continues by comparing Nick’s words to that of an “old-fashioned gentleman” who is trying to get a divorce from his partner. It clearly was very hard on him.

Blood may be thicker than water, but what can withstand a tsunami, ‘Blood’ seems to have all the answers to our questions.