The Jonas Brothers & Karol G Are Out With ‘X’

jonas brothers

Just this week, the Jonas Brothers teased their upcoming collaboration with the Colombian sensation, Karol G. And now, they’ve officially dropped the tune, titled ‘X’. It’s also arrived with a funky lyric video, which is definitely worth a watch.

Jonas Brothers (@jonasbrothers) | Twitter

On one hand, this song explores familiar territory. It’s catchy from the first few guitar riffs right to the finish. And yet, it’s a step away from the band’s previous singles. This one is a little less pop, and a lot more sultry, with a sprinkle of Latin-alt rumba. The boys bring their perfect falsettos to the table which is certainly what gives this song it’s flavour. Not to mention Karol G’s sensual, husky verse. Now, for the lyrics:

And she pulled me close by the look in her eyes (Yeah)

Don’t know her name, but I know that I need her

She said, “Boy, you won’t be lonely tonight”

She said, “Ooh-ooh-ooh” (Ooh-ooh-ooh)

Kiss me like your ex is in the room (Ooh-ooh-ooh)

Don’t you be afraid of something new

They’re playful, yet cliched. This might be the only reason for the song to lose out on a couple points. But we’re not complaining too much, considering how outstanding the vocals are. Speaking of, you might just get a taste of the live version of this song on May 19th. And that’s because, the Jonas Brothers and Karol G will perform ‘X’ on The Voice’s two-hour finale. Which means we’ll probably hear them singing from the comfort of their homes, but no matter, we’ll take what we can get.

Oh, Oh, hold on. We aren’t finished. Here’s some more good news. Now, considering that The Jonas Brothers have dropped both  “X” and their previous single “5 More Minutes,” which they debuted during their 2020 Grammys performance – there are murmurs of a possible upcoming album. To give you some context, this year, the Jonas Brothers will be celebrating their 15th anniversary. And when you put ‘XV’ together, it gives you ‘15’ in Roman numerals. So, it won’t be surprising if the boys plan to ring in their anniversary with a brand new album.

But until we hear from them, listen to ‘X’ first. And then put it on repeat, because that’s exactly what any normal person would do.