A League of Superwomen Will Be Live at Your Space

Lady Gaga is making history and how can TayTay not be a part of it. 

April 18 is going to be a big one with ‘One World: Together At Home’ coming out on all major broadcast and streaming channels, free of cost cz you know — Lady Gaga be footing the bill. Jokes aside, major talents and celebrities have come together to make this a possibility.

To that list has the name of Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Lopez been added. 
“Our hope for the special is that everyone will come away believing that we, as a shared humanity, can emerge from this moment forever grateful for the work of doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store workers, and all those who are the backbone of our communities,” Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen had said in a statement. Global Citizen and WHO are the partnering organizations in bringing this to the world. 

Other big names in this concert include F1 racer Lewis Hamilton, world famous skier Lindsey Vonn and dozens of other singers, actors and social media influencers, who will be hosted by the big names in late night television.
This happens in solidarity of doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery partners, and others who are making our world tick right now.