The Man, the Mystery and the Masterpiece

37 years ago on this day the world witnessed the greatest spectacle in the music industry , Micheal Jackson aka “the king of pop” released his best selling hit on 30th November 1982! It still remains one of the best selling iconic albums in history.

The thriller music video launch was shown to the world through MTV, this pushed the channel to the limelight where MTV was the only one that dissolved racial barriers in it’s treatment of music! The music video featuring campy horror fest with zombies, which till date remains one of the most influential and popular videos was originally conceived as a 14 minute short film!
Thriller definitely launched MJ to the spotlight but what followed him was a tragic early death and numerous cases of child sexual abuse and misconduct.
Michael Jackson passed away in 2009 but the conspiracy theories surrounding his death has been floating around the internet forever. He died of cardiac arrest induced by an overdose of sleeping meds.

According to the police department MJ was under a complete cardiac arrest and did not show any signs of improvement enroute the hospital.The death was finally ruled a homicide, but here are some other odd theories:

He was an MK ultra

Mk ultra were usually children that the government experimented on after World War 2. They made sleeper agents who could dissociate from their normal lives( kill soviets) and go on about their existence. To hide agents in plain sight its is speculated that the government used pop stars!

Many theorists suggest that MK-Ultra victims used art as a form of therapeutic healing from years of hard programming and that their arts takes a motif on duality. Jackson was nothing if not a visual representation of duality.

Prior to his death, Jackson became somewhat of a paranoid recluse. He insisted that people were trying to kill him, and he may have been right. Did Jackson expose the government’s secret mind control program, giving them no other option than to end the reign of the King of Pop?

Illuminati DUH!

Why are we wasting all of our time discussing conspiracy the conspiracy theories behind Michael Jackson’s death when we know the Illuminati was behind the entire thing? Apparently after a lifetime of being groomed by the Illuminati to hypnotize the youth of America into doing. . . something, Jackson began to slip symbols into his album artwork as a means to pass information about them to the public and his CIA handler.

Fearing that the Illuminati would catch on to his holding, he began to create messages about their plans in his song titles, but it was already too late. Presumably, when Michael didn’t stop speaking out about the Illuminati’s spooky machinations they took things to the extreme and ushered the King of Pop off of this mortal coil.

He is an Egyptian princess

There is an Egyptian statue that bear a striking resemblance to the king of pop, raising the question if Jackson was a voice from beyond the stars to help build the pyramids with his dance and music.

To add to the whole “Michael Jackson is an immortal who cannot die” thing is this painting, “A Portrait of a Young Man” by Barent Fabritius, a 15th century Dutch painter who may have used Jackson for a model while the singer was making a post pyramids appearance.

He is still alive

According to this theory MJ is still alive and living in Canada or Africa. This move was to hide from all the public attention he received during his sexual assault scandal that truly brought out his true colors. Micheal Jackson was accused of assaulting several children throughout his time , he wasn’t convicted for most of it thanks to misogyny and patriarchy.

There are reports that Michael Jackson is now living in Ontario Canada and goes by the name Alain P. Shipments of animals and cosmetics are frequently delivered to the estate of the pale middle-aged man near Lake Dore. Three bodyguards surround the estate at all times and when asked about the bodyguards are reported to just state that “Alain P is a very private individual”. Jackson is also reported to have been seen in Perth, Australia in 2014, as well as in an elevator in Las Vegas. In most sightings, he is reported to be completely covered and dressed completely in black, surrounded by bodyguards.