The Official Video For Kehlani’s Single, ‘Up at Night’ Has Been Released

The official video for Kehlani’s latest track, ‘Up At Night,’ has been released. The track can be found on the Californian R&B singer’s third studio album, ‘Blue Water Road,’ which was released on 29th April. The album version of the song features Justin Bieber, although he is noticeably absent from the new graphics.

Before going to bed, Kehlani – whose full name is Kehlani Ashley Parrish – asks her phone to “play my sleep playlist” at the start of the video.  As sinister-looking silhouette forms are cast on the sheets, she sings ‘Up At Night’ with her eyes closed.

Image Courtesy: News Leaflets

Suddenly, we cut to a scenario in which Kehlani and a team of backup dancers do a choreographed routine in the style of a ’00s girl group. The celebrity appears in a variety of other settings, including a dazzling black-and-white scene, but eventually returns to her bed.

Kehlani explained that the song is about having a healthily obsessive relationship. Your love for someone keeps you up at night.

Kehlani slammed Noel Gallagher’s recent statements about music authenticity in an interview with NME for last week’s Big Read cover feature.

While discussing Harry Styles’ X Factor beginnings, the singer recalled her own time on American Idol in 2011. Gallagher had previously stated that such events have absolutely nothing to do with music before using Styles as an example.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

The artist said that she felt lighter, more mature and happier after participating in a year-long ritual cleanse.  As part of the “ceremony process,” she embraced sobriety, only went out for work-related reasons, covered her hair, and more.