The Starry New K-Pop Group On The Block: LOONA

Every new year sees the Kpop machine nudge a sparkling new band onto the music scene. From ITZY and TXT to ATEEZ, it’s hard to believe that these groups are barely two years old and yet, have reached where they are. And now, joining the steadily growing list of newbies is a band that’s got everyone’s attention: LOONA. 

Comprised of twelve members, LOONA only debuted in 2018 and two years later, they’ve managed to rake in an impressive victory with their latest effort. The girls recently landed with their third mini-album, “12:00 (Midnight)” with ‘Why Not?’ serving as its title track. And now, that very album has debuted on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. 

Now, mind you, getting even a foot into these prestigious charts is no easy feat. And for a rookie group to come by this victory is certainly laudable. This also marks the group’s first entrance on the chart, invariably allowing them to stand alongside bigger acts like BLACKPINK and TWICE. 

Coming to “Why Not?” the song immediately hooks you in with its funky verses, sleek rap pieces and quirky beat drops. In fact, their style is slightly reminiscent of BLACKPINK’s early work. Further, the music video for the track also proves to be quite the visual spectacle. It sees crashing meteors, neon-lit phone booths, swirling celestial bodies and floating objects. Yup, they’ve certainly set the bar high for future visualizers.

LOONA is definitely a group to watch out for, so if you’re still new to them, go ahead and take your first sip. 

By: Nina Karun