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The Upcoming Biopic Of Ozzy Osbourne Is R-Rated

Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming biopic, ‘Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’ will premiere on America’s A&E network on September 7, 2020. Black Sabbath member’s wife disclosed that the movie will be only for adults. The R-rated film will reveal his life in full disclosure.

Details On Ozzy Osbourne’s Biopic

The writer of the film has written the story from the year 1979 to 1996, it tracks the early stages of the rockstar’s solo career and his relationship. Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, says,”We have a writer. We said to go from 1979 to 1996. I can’t say too much, but the film is an active development.”

The film will be unlike any other biopic out there, nothing like “Bohimeian Rhapsody” which was based on the Queen bandmates and focused on Freddie Mercury. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon says, “It’s not like any other story, It’s not like, ‘rock & roll, crazy, and now I’m a granddad!’ It’s so much more than that.”.

Sharon continues to say, “I get why they did that, because it was for a younger generation. It was squeaky clean… and it turned a whole generation onto Queen’s music that had never heard (it) before. So with that, it was phenomenal. But I don’t think it was a great movie… It was made ‘nice’ and that’s what made it a (Christian TV network) Hallmark movie.”

While explaining how the biopic will turn out, she said, “Our film will be a lot more real. We don’t want it to be squeaky, shiny clean and all of that. We’re not making it for kids. It’s an adult movie for adults.”

“I hope it will be a story that everybody can relate to. You don’t have to be a fan of the music, because it’s a story about a survivor. No matter what life throws at you, you pick yourself up and you start again. It’s just an amazing story of overcoming everything that’s thrown at you in your life.”

Ozzy Osbourne also commented on his biopic saying that that a large part of it revolved around his personal life especially with his wife. He says, “From what I understand, it’s about (wife and manager) Sharon and I and our relationship; it’s how we met, fell in love, and how we married. She’s my other half. She grew up a lot with me, and I grew up a lot with her… Sharon wants to get an unknown actor (to portray me).”

We just can’t wait to see how the biopic will turn out. Will it really stand apart from other biopics based on legendary musicians or will it bring something new to the table?

By: Aatira Kakroo

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