The Voice has Ended

The season finale of The Voice went down yesterday, and the results are astounding!

Jake Hoot the only country singer was crowned the winner of The Voice, Season 17. This is the third win for Kelly Clarkson who was his coach on the show!

His wins comes off as a fairy tale after receiving only one chair in the blind audition to winning the show. All thanks to the support from his beloved fans called ‘Hooters’, Clarkson declared that she too was a hardcore hooter!

Jake Hooter, a single parent to a 4 year old, thanked Kelly for being an amazing coach and teaching people to love children. The 31 year old earned a single turn from Clarkson during the Blinds for his rendition of Luke Combs’ “When It Rains It Pours.”

This is a very unusual situation for the winner. The only other one chair turn winner is Chris Blue from Season 12 . The other finalists this season, that all four coaches turned for, was rocker Ricky Duran who earned second place and blues pianist Katie Kadan who placed third . Two coaches turned around for R&B/soul artist Rose Short, the 1st runner up.

“Jake, I’m so proud of you. You are a one-chair turn, man, and you’re standing in the finale,” Clarkson said during Tuesday’s show. “I’m so honoured to be your coach.”

After the votes were tallied, Ricky Duran of Team Blake finished in second place; Katie Kadan from Team John Legend came in third and Rose Short from Team Gwen Stefani in fourth.

It was also the first season to have equal representation from all teams among the winners!!