The 1975 Delight Fans with New Album

the 1975

After leaving a trail of singles, the 1975 finally dropped their fourth album, “Notes on a Conditional Form.” Now, the album’s got a whopping 22 tracks, of which they’ve given us a taste of tunes like ‘Guys’, ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘Me & You Together Song’ and quite a few others.

Now, what you might’ve noticed from these tracks is that the band has experimented with a range of different genres and concepts. Some revolve around friendships, some around the toxic nature of technology, some delve into love and some well, are just rather psychedelic. When it comes to genres, this album sees a fine cocktail of Alt-Pop, Rock and of course a lot of ambient tunes.

The 1975's 'Notes On A Conditional Form' a beautiful mess | ALBUM ...

Where Does the Album Lack?

Interestingly enough, the first track sees a climate change speech by none other than Greta Thunberg. The 1975 are known for their activism and socio-political leanings. In fact, frontman, Matt Healy, has never shied away from speaking out about heavier issues like misogyny in the industry, environmental issues and music politics. So, it’s no surprise that the album kicks off with this speech.

And yet, this album has been criticized for not following through with one running theme. Some reviews have pointed out that the album is a bit all over the place and at certain points even “lacks focus”. Which is understandable. When crafting a mighty 22 tracks, it must prove quite difficult to sustain a single theme over every track. That being said, putting such wildly different thoughts and ideas into a single project is rather overwhelming. Almost like a child picking out random crayons to colour their latest drawing.

That’s not to say that all their tracks fall flat. They’ve definitely managed to bring something new to the table with this album. Considering that many of their tracks veer to the boundaries of the Pop genre. But for a better understanding of the process and concept behind this album, it’s best to hear it from the band itself. While Matt Healy hasn’t spoken out about this yet, for now, we can revel in all these 22 tracks.

Because one thing’s for sure, the 1975 have made sure that listeners will keep coming back for more.