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The Weeknd And Grimes Are Supposedly Collaborating on a New Song

Grimes has given fans additional hints about her upcoming tune with The Weeknd, claiming that it will be made available soon.

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When responding to followers on her Discord server last year, the celebrity first made the collaboration official. When fans urged Grimes to collaborate with ‘Dawn FM’ musician, she responded: “Hmmm surprise for yalls.” When another person asked “Grimes an weeknd collab when”, she replied: “It’s called Sci Fi.”

Image Courtesy: The New Yorker

The musician has already revealed more information about the song in a recent interview with Vogue China. According to fan translations, Grimes also asserted that ‘Sci Fi’ will be released soon and that its music video “will be a trip.”

“Definitely worth watching to the end, listening to the monologues and then getting into the drama.”

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The collaboration’s official release date has not yet been determined. If and when the song is released, it will be the first time Grimes and The Weeknd have collaborated.

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Grimes also talked about the connections between her AI female group NPC and her upcoming album, ‘Book 1,’ in other parts of the interview.

“They all exist in the same dimension, NPC girls literally live in ‘Book 1’ – If we were living in the cosmic lore of ‘Book 1’, NPC would be the pop girl group that dominated the culture and their EP would be called ‘Fairies C** First’, so all these projects would come together and merge into one project at the end,” she said.

Recently, Grimes collaborated with Bella Poarch on her new EP ‘Dolls,’ contributing to the song ‘No Man’s Land’ and featuring in the music video for the album’s lead single.

“It was fun and kind of scary [shooting those scenes], to be honest,” Poarch told NME of making the video, which saw the pair face off against each other. “Grimes and I had to go through fight training and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while.”

Image Courtesy: Jez Gillespie

Meanwhile, Grimes played an unreleased song titled ‘Welcome To The Opera’ during her DJ performance at Electric Daisy Carnival in May. She announced the project’s title on Twitter, announcing at the same time that she collaborated with producer Anyma on it.

“I will prob drop the demo if Anyma is down but I would still like to edit the song more which will prob make u all hate me but just so it’s online for sum time,” she added.


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