The Weeknd Brings A Softer Flavour To Maluma’s ‘Hawai’

As promised, The Weeknd and Maluma have arrived with their highly-anticipated new collaboration. Just yesterday, both stars took to social media to hint at a possible collaboration. Fans of both acts had very little time to process all this information, because one day later – the track made its descent. 

Now, the song is in fact a remix of Maluma’s smash hit, ‘Hawái’. The track sees a fresh new verse from The Weeknd, slide over a silky string of synth-pop beats. And yes, The Weeknd does indeed sing in Spanish, once again leaving the Twittersphere to explode. Between the R&B superstar’s light, tinkling vocals and Maluma’s huskier ones – this remix makes the song all the more steamy, if that were even possible. 

The accompanying music video that arrived, sees The Weeknd perform under glowing neon lights, on a stage in front of rows upon rows of women. As Maluma sees the face of a lost lover in all the women that pass by him, the video too drifts along, proving to be aesthetically pleasing, but nothing really new. It’s a small hitch, yet something we can look past considering the infectious nature of the remix. 

Speaking of his choice to bring The Weeknd onboard for this remix, Maluma explained, “I have always admired The Weeknd so it feels nothing short of a dream come true to have him collab on ‘Hawái’ remix. He brought another flow to it and sang in both Spanish and English which is impressive.”

Well, like all star-studded remixes, there’s no doubting that this rendition of ‘Hawái’ will make some big moves on the charts. 

By: Nina Karun