The Weeknd Celebrates “Kiss Land”; Drops A Box of Treats

The Weeknd recently celebrated the seven-year anniversary of his debut record, “Kiss Land”. The album made its landing in 2013 and held a good 12 tracks. And so, The Weeknd took the festivities one step forward by dropping an assortment of treats for his fans. This included a list of all the records that inspired the album, a bundle of unreleased tracks and the most surprising one of them all: a cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Money Power Glory’.

The original cut features on Del Rey’s 2014 album, “Ultraviolence”. Featuring a steady set of beats, the star’s haunting falsettos and deeply personal lyrics – this tune shines brightly on her album. The song presents itself as a natural fit for The Weeknd. He takes off in the second verse, bringing his soulful vocals and pretty runs to the table, as he croons:

The sun also rises on those who fail to call
My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls
I can do it if you really, really like that
I know what you really want, b-baby
I can do it if you think you like that
You should run, boy, run  

While this might be The Weeknd’s first cover of a Lana Del Rey track, the pair in fact, connected in the past for the tune, ‘Lust For Life’. It featured on Lana’s 2017 album of the same name and the song even got treated to its very own music video. 

Now, if you were curious, the crooner also released some demo tracks that didn’t make the final cut to “Kiss Land”. And these tunes go by the names: ‘For Your Eyes’, ‘One of Those Nights’, ‘Angel Face’, ‘Another One of Me’ and ‘Heavenly Creatures’. So, take your pick and enjoy all the new gems “Kiss Land” has to offer.

By: Nina Karun