The Weeknd Dies In a Bloodbath

“When it’s said, when it’s done, yeah/ I would never let you know/ I am ashamed of what I’ve done,” goes ‘In Your Eyes’ a song from The Weeknd’s new album ‘After Hours’. He has finally released the video for the song and we can see quite clearly what it is he has done and why he is so ashamed.

With hyperbole images and gory themes, we see The Weeknd bloodthirsty. Literally. It starts by unfolding the metaphors he used in the ‘After Hours’ short film. The blood, the suit, the mad look in his eyes. It is like a mystery that is revealing itself.

In this new video we see model Zaina Miuccia running away from Abel in a setting of a dance club. She is visibly perplexed, and he is visibly out for revenge or closure or whatever maniacal objective scorned ex-lovers have.

In the end though, she has the last laugh as she manages to literally chop his head off with an ax. She looks terrified and relieved and the consequences that lead up to this are all up for guesses.

Yup, terrifying and if this fan has to guess — not the last of the gore The Weeknd will be dishing out by the time this quarantine is done.