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The Weeknd Dissing The Grammy With ‘Save Your Tears’?

The Weeknd is back! This time he’s out with the music video for ‘Save Your Tears’, how exciting, right? The video is a continuation of the storyline he’s been creating in “After Hours” album.

Let’s give you a bit of context, The Weeknd has been doing this whole red suit appearance with injuried face, for a while now. What’s the deal? Well, the ‘Love Me Harder’ singer has been creating a story for all his fans.

The Storyline In “AfterHours” Album

The story starts from the very first video The Weeknd dropped in the album. The track ‘Heartless witnessed the singer partying hard in Vegas after which he’s seen injured and wounded in ‘Blinding Lights’. Soon, ‘In Your Eyes’ song, he’s beheaded and then somehow, he’s attached into someone else’s body in ‘Too Late’ in an animated version.

It’s just not the videos that are moving the story forward, even during 2020 MTV AMAs, The Weeknd was seen covered in bandages. And, now, in the music video of ‘Save Your Tears’, The Weeknd has got a reconstructed face with botox and fillers, maybe a result of all the surgeries and it’s pretty evident.

The Music Video Will Give You Chills!

The music video directed by Cliqua is surely meant to grab your attention. The Weeknd is singing the song in front of people with masks however slowly he’s seen drinking and celebrating the song. Towards the middle, he’s got a gun pointed at his face and he looks delirous.

While he continues to perform on the tables and stage with a gun in his hand, he ends the song by shooting himself. But hold on, he doesn’t die, the gun just shoots confetti. With a lot of applause from the audience, the singer is extremely happy with his act.

Theories About Dissing Grammys…

During the Grammy nominations which were announced in November, 2020. The Weeknd didn’t receive even a single nod. Which led to a lot of backlash towards the process of nominations. The Weeknd also called the Grammys “corrupt” despite being offered to perform at the show.

Well, this whole thing has continued. Fans are conspiring that the “Save Your Tears” video is dissing the Grammys. It looks like the audience in the video depicts the celebrities at awards shows which have masks on, representing them being fake. Is The Weeknd hinting at a particular incident?

Not only that, precisely at 1:50 mark, The Weeknd is holding a trophy which he throws away eventually. Also, people are speculating that the botox faced Abel is born because of the pressure from the industry, to look a certain way. Well, all of these claims might just be in the air, but they certainly make sense. Do you think?

Well, only time will reveal the rest of the storyline if The Weeknd decides to release more music videos from “After Hours”. We’re surely patient, we’ll wait because we know, it’s going to be as interesting as this one. Stay tuned for those updates.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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