The Weeknd’s “After Hours” is Musical Indulgence

With every tick of the clock, it feels as though ‘After Hours’ is creeping closer and closer, ready to pick us up and leave us on a high. Maybe that’s why we’re still holding our breath. And it’s possibly also because The Weeknd just unveiled the album’s tracklist.


He took to Instagram to put out what appears to be 14, heart-wrenching, grim tracks. We’ve already gotten a taste of ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights’ which both did exceedingly well on charts world over. Then ‘After Hours’ came along with its surreal, rather ominous music video that had everyone asking: what went down in that elevator? And more recently, Abel treated us with the track, ‘Scared To Live’ performed live on SNL.

Interestingly enough, we’ve heard no news of any possible collabs hiding away on this tracklist. But maybe it’s too soon to say anything. What we do know, so far, is that this project has an ongoing theme, or rather, storyline. Dressed in his blood-red jacket and star-sprinkled sunglasses, the Weeknd’s already hinted at what might just be the crux of this album: the gory, soul-crushing side of fame and the loss of loved ones (or lovers) because of it.

But right now, these are mostly just assumptions and if you will, an analysis of his music videos. The lyrics too, for that matter.

In other news, his ‘After Hours’ world tour will be featuring a couple of guests from the likes of Don Toliver, Sabrina Claudia and 88GLAM as openers. Though currently, the dates are yet to be rescheduled given Coronavirus outbreak.

So, until the album drops, we’ve just got to sit tight and watch the clock.