The Weeknd’s Nights Are Scary

The Weeknd has released the official music video for his retro disco-pop track “Blinding Lights” and it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

The music video picks up where the visuals for his smash hit “Heartless” left off – wandering the streets of Las Vegas in a seemingly manic state, all alone. The R & B singer’s latest works present a tortured, lost in excess Weeknd – something we’ve never seen from him before. Heartless saw a pulp-fiction, ecstasy induced trip that symbolises the world of celebrity, and Blinding Lights takes off from that point.

The music video follows the same theme, giving us a taste of Abel, rather than the Weeknd and his acting chops too, as he portrays a more vulnerable state of being. The entire video is shot almost like a visual representation of a drug/alcohol induced manic episode, where Abel finally finds solace in a singer at a bar.