The World Of Music Radio And Its Counterpart

Artists On The Radio

Radio is an inherently social service and both radio and the music industry have been going hand in hand for a very long time. Many artists have launched their careers on radio and several musicians have been able to build a rapport with the public because of it.

In the 60s pirate radio stations experienced a dazzling rise. The most famous of them, Radio Caroline, which broadcast in 1964 from an old Danish ferry. The first song on their airwaves was ‘Not Fade Away’ by the Rolling Stones.

In 2020, when the world was struck with a global pandemic, radio stations were a steady source of news and entertainment for its listeners. Music enthusiasts could even watch their favorites perform live in the comfort of their homes.

Sheryl Crow Leaves A Memorable Performance!

Country singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow did one such memorable performance. The singer commenced her ‘Radio 2 Live At Home’ performance with the sound of fake applause – a tongue-in-cheek, hilarious way to feel a little bit closer to normality. Sheryl was reunited with bandmates who she hadn’t seen face-to-face in months, and they peformed some of her finest hits, including ‘If It Makes You Happy’, ‘Soak Up the Sun’, and ‘Everyday Is A Winding Road’.

She’s not the only one who has wowed us with stellar performances. There are many who’ve stolen our hearts on the radio. Here are some of them:

The ease and convenience of a terrestrial medium that is radio, has allowed us to enjoy music immensely in a time when instant gratification is highly valued.

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan