There’s A New Collab on the Block: DJ Khaled & Drake

We’ve caught wind of a brand new collaboration from the likes of DJ Khaled and Drake. The former took to social media to break the news, with a rather curious video. 

The Grammy-winning DJ confirmed that Drake has lent his vocals for an upcoming track. He also put up a video of himself in a leopard-print shirt, working, almost oblivious to the large scowling owl perched on one of the mic stands.

“VOCLAS BEEN IN,” Khaled captioned the clip, “DEM boy ah make POP CHUNE WE ah make CHUNE ah go POP POP PON YOUR HEAD TOP.”

Yup, we’re just as confused as you are. His next video featured an animated version of this very same owl, flying towards the camera, a pair of golden keys dangling from its beak. Both posts tag Drake’s Instagram account and include the hashtags #WETHEBEST and #OVO – the latter being Drake’s sound record label. 

But the flood of rather intriguing content doesn’t end there. DJ Khaled has also been posting some hilarious clips featuring a voice offscreen asking, “How do you spell Canada?”. What appears to be fans, respond to this in the most logical manner possible, “D.R.A.K.E”.

Also, the DJ and producer recently dished out that he was still working on his twelfth album, which was to have Drake onboard as a featured guest. 

“Drake is definitely on DJ Khaled’s single,” Khaled stated, “And the vocals sound so incredible.”

Well, we don’t doubt it. Drake already notched quite the fantastic collab with Future for the track, ‘Life is Good‘ and upon its release, the tune’s seen roaring success. There’s no confirmed release date for this new piece, but gauging from DJ Khaled’s flood of posts, it should be right around the corner.  

By: Nina Karun