This Cabello lip-sync is a total win!

Camila Cabello surprised her fans in the best way possible as she put up a video of herself, lip syncing to the popular music number ‘Fabulous’ from the hit Disney movie ‘High School Musical 2’.

In the video, Cabello is seen taking both Ryan and Sharpay Evans’ role and absolutely rocking it in her bathrobe!
“Welcome to adulthood everybody,” she captions the video, which begins with the tune’s announcement that “Everything’s got to be perfect for me!”

By the time Cabello gets to the outro of the chorus — “This won’t do, that’s a bore/ That’s insulting, I need more/ I need, I need, I need, I need/ I need, I need, I need fabulous” — she has what appears to be a water bottle in hand, in the place of a mic, and is practically on the floor in a moment of pure dramatic flair.