This is Why Doja Cat Changed Her Album Title

Doja Cat’s career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride through the music industry. Starting as an underground artist, Doja Cat’s breakthrough moment came with ‘Mooo!’ in 2018, a quirky track that took the internet by storm. She then proved her range with hits like ‘Say So’ and ‘Streets,’  showing her knack for creating infectious melodies. Her distinct voice and fearless approach to music have made her a standout artist in the crowded music field.

Doja Cat’s album title change from ‘Hellmouth’ to ‘Scarlet’ had sparked intrigue and curiosity among fans. The rapper, known for her eccentricity and bold personality, explained her reasons for this switch during a recent appearance on the ‘First We Feast’ series, ‘Hot Ones.’

Image Courtesy: Billboard

“I don’t care about the meaning being so deep, as much as the word being a cool word,” Doja Cat explained. She initially found ‘Hellmouth’ appealing, likening it to the gates of hell. However, she later felt that the name was too aggressive for her taste, which made her choose ‘Scarlet.’ This choice related to her previous album, ‘Hot Pink,’ as it also featured colour in the title. She explained that while ‘Scarlet’ is a colour, it can also be associated with someone’s first name. “Also, red is just a passionate shade,” said the ‘Kiss Me More’ singer. 

During her appearance on ‘Hot Ones,’ the Grammy award-winner and host Sean Evans shared a common interest in their shaved heads. Doja enthusiastically endorsed her decision to go bald, stating that it allows her to focus more on her fashion choices. She expressed a preference for concentrating on her outfits rather than worrying about her hair, highlighting the freedom and confidence that comes with donning a bald look.

Image Courtesy: People 

The singer’s interview with Evans also delved into her online obsessions. The rapper, who admits to being “addicted to the internet,” mentioned her fascination with ‘YouTube poop,’ a sub-genre of YouTube comedy. She explained that she enjoys edited talk show content that makes it sound like people are saying outrageous and humourous things. ‘Dr. Phil’s YouTube poops’ are particularly some of her favourites. 

Doja Cat has come a long way from her viral hit ‘Mooo!’ to her current status as a Grammy-winning artist with a unique artistic vision. Her fourth studio album, ‘Scarlet,’ shows how determined she is to explore new territories. It is her most artistically adventurous work to date.

Image Courtesy: People 

Throughout her career, the ‘Woman’ singer has faced challenges and controversies, including cancellation threats and online criticism. However, she has remained true to herself, unapologetically embracing her unique style and personality. Her willingness to be unapologetically herself in the face of public scrutiny is something many in the entertainment industry cannot handle. Check out the ‘Hot Ones’ interview below. 

-Britney Jones