This is Why Harry Styles Turned Down The Role of Prince Eric in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Harry Styles has revealed why he turned down the role of Prince Eric in Rob Marshall’s live-action remake of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. During an interview, Styles explained that he had met Marshall, whom the singer described as “the most wonderful man”, before the news broke out that he was eyeing the role of Prince Eric in the movie.

According to Styles, there were a “few things” that they couldn’t work out. He also added that his upcoming plans for his music didn’t align with the film’s production schedule. “I think it’s obviously going to be an amazing film,” Styles said. “But they shoot for so long and I wanna tour next year, maybe. I haven’t announced that yet, but yeah, it just didn’t quite line up.”

While Styles might have turned down this role, the former One Direction singer has shown interest in playing the next James Bond. “Yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t [want to be Bond]?” Styles said in an interview. “I grew up watching those. You know, I loved him when I was a kid. So, I think it’s kind of everyone’s dream a little bit, right?”

Well, choosing between films and music can be a pretty difficult decision to make, especially when offered such thrilling roles. But, we’ve just got to give Harry the time he needs and support those decisions!