Tom Grennan’s New Music Video Talks About Love & Toxic Masculinity

Tom Grennan released a heartwarming and beautifully made music video for his latest song ‘Little Bit of Love’. The song was shared last week, and is a preview of Tom Grennan’s new album “Evering Road”. ‘Little Bit of Love’ is preceded by more songs from “Evering Road” like ‘Amen’, ‘Oh, Please’, and ‘Something Better’.

“Evering Road” is set to be released on March 5, 2021, via Insanity Records.

On Unconditional Love and Support 

“This video is a representation of toxic masculinity and unconditional love, told via a story of two brothers,” Tom Grennan said of the new visual in a statement. “It was amazing to bring my song to life with one of my closest and long-time friends Keane Shaw, not only a close friend but someone whose artistic vision I admire immensely.”

Keane Shaw said in a statement that he wanted to avoid the classic ‘girl meets boy’ narrative for the music video. “Instead of looking at the lyrics from a romantic perspective, I chose to look at them from somebody asking to be loved, supported, cared for, in particular a male.”

Shaw also added, “Being a very close friend of Tom’s (Grennan), often we’ve discussed the issue of toxic masculinity. Being brought up in working-class areas where traits of this nature live strong, at some point in our lives we’ve both witnessed the phrase, ‘boys will boys’ playing out.”

“Boys Will Be Boys” No More

Tom Grennan’s ‘Little Bit of Love’ gives us a glimpse of the singer’s real-life relationship with his own brother, as the video takes on a semi-autobiographical perspective. The little boy, played by Luke Kelly, only focuses on learning to swim, as his older brother passionately teaches him how.

The themes behind ‘Evering Road documents a transitional stage. Tom Grennan told a news source “This album has been such a therapeutic experience, it has helped me through one of the toughest times of my life.”

By: Aatira Kakroo