Tones and I is On a Mission To Conquer

Tones And I is dishing out new music at the same fast speed that she rose to this new-found fame. This week you have new ear worms coming your way with ‘Bad Child’ and ‘Can’t Be Happy All The Time’.

It’s always good to witness a musician not be a one hit wonder and keep the good stuff coming consistently. This time Tones And I did just that; “Bad Child” is a song that quite literally is about an unruly child, coming in with a matching animated video. We find her singing: “Feeling like I always do the wrong things/Telling all their friends that I’m the bad kid/Now I’m on my own, I lost my magic/Dealing with your bullshit now I’m over it.”

‘Can’t Be Happy All The Time’ is also coming in with an animated video but is a whole different mood. Where ‘Bad Child’ has some of the funk from her ‘Dance Monkey’ feels, this one is a lot more personal and honest where we actually see her reckon with the fact that she rose from busking in Byron Bay in 2018 to touring the world with sold out shows. The trappings of fame and the need for pacing your life to the tunes of your mental health are quite evident.

This should get your weekend sorted, we won’t judge you for listening to them on repeat at all