Top 5 Must Watch Ariana Grande Music Videos

Best Ariana Grande Music videos

Ariana Grande just notched another achievement in her belt of wins, as she amassed 16 billion cumulative views on her music videos on YouTube. With this record, she surpasses Rihanna to become the fourth most viewed female artist in YouTube history. 

Grande is no stranger to setting massive records, be it with her music or with her videos. And, while she remains on a winning streak, blazing the trails in pop music today, the singer never forgets to have her fair share of fun on screen. And, there’s no better way to find out the worth of those 16 billion views, than to watch some of her career-defining moments on screen. 

1. God is a woman 

This one is not for the faint of heart. Ariana takes the refrain of her 2018 hit, ‘God is a woman’, to new heights, as she has the world in her hands (quite literally). The song is all about channeling female energy, and Grande does it how she pleases – symbolism, Biblical metaphors and sensual choreography.

This music video is a visual spectacle from start to finish. While the song may have been the second single from her album “sweetener”, it makes its mark. And, it definitely puts the grand in ‘Grande’.