Tove Lo and Charlie Twaddle Are Married

Tove Lo and Charlie Twaddle are married and we can’t believe how casual her announcement was. The Swedish singer shared the good news via her Instagram story on July 25, 2020.

The ‘Habits’ singer looks surprised in the picture which she captioned, “Oops”. Tove Lo is seen wearing a vintage wedding gown with lace patterns and her partner in crime, Charlie Twaddle looked as surprised as her in a blue tux.

While the sparks between them have been shared for quite sometime now, no one expected a surprise wedding. Tove Lo has kept her beau not so private from her 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Last month, the ‘Talking Body’ singer shared a sweet message with a series of pictures with Charlie Twaddle. Tove Lo called him the love of her life as she wished him for his birthday.

The couple celebrated three years of dating in February, Tove Lo posted on her Instagram handle for the occasion as well. She calls herself a ‘weirdo’ as well as her then boyfriend.

Looks like Tove Lo doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off her partner, even during the 2019 Thanksgiving, she shows how grateful she was to him. The two have celebrated the festival for the fourth time even though they didn’t grow up doing that.

From wishing Charlie on his birthday to attending weddings as a couple, their romance will definitely make you smile. There is no doubt if they wouldn’t have tied the knot, a lot of hearts would break.

During an interview in 2019, Tove Lo disclosed her relationship wasn’t at the marriage stage yet. However she explains that she made excuses to fly to LA just to be with him.

“I guess I’ve found the person, and he is the same age as me, but I feel we are children ourselves so we just can’t. LA is where I met my boyfriend, although he is from New Zealand. He is a creative but not a musician and with his job he can travel with me. The first year we were together, I was touring like crazy but, whenever I had time off, I flew back to LA to see him, no matter where I was. I would make up excuses and tell him I had another reason to come back so as not to put pressure on him!”

We couldn’t be more happy for Tove Lo and Charlie Twaddle, congratulations you two! Hope you keep us up to date with the honeymoon as well.

By: Aatira Kakroo