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Tove Lo Turns Doja Cat Into A Kitty

Doja Cat has come into her element as the ‘Sunshine Kitty’ in Tove Lo’s new music video for the song “Equally Lost”. As a bright yellow face of innocence, Doja features as the feline representative of the duo dancing on a rooftop in the new lyric video.

Released late last night, the collaboration is as chic as it is surprising. The swift, breezy moves give the video a look of ease and spontaneity without making it look overly choreographed. Well, with the exception of Sunshine Kitty who is an animated fun little version of Doja, who is definitely choreographed, lol.

The artists croon about looking for someone to make them feel a little less lonely without getting too caught up in their lives as they warn that they are “equally lost”.

A good song deserves a good vide; a better song deserves a Sunshine Kitty.

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