Trailers That Gave Away Major Plot Details

Trailers, a delicate dance of enticing glimpses and subtle revelations, possess the power to both captivate and inadvertently divulge. It’s an art often traversed on a tightrope, where the challenge lies in balancing allure with restraint. In the world of cinema, sometimes there are instances where these previews, in their eagerness to lure audiences, end up revealing major plot details or unforeseen twists. This double-edged sword can take away the element of surprise. Check out the times when trailers gave away major twists or hype moments in the film. 

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice: In ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ it was pretty obvious that Batman and Superman teamed up after their showdown, and they also revealed Wonder Woman entirely in the trailer. The whole third act was spoiled.

How to Train Your Dragon 2: The trailer reveals Hiccup’s mother’s return, which kind of ruins the emotional impact of the movie. The way they show Valka’s return seemed very awkward to the audience. 

Thor: Ragnarok:  Thor: Ragnarok’s promotion spilled the beans about the Hulk’s appearance, taking away the excitement of a surprise. Picture the scene: the movie starts, green smoke swirls, and suddenly, the audience gasps in surprise at the unexpected sight of the Hulk. That moment could have been legendary if it wasn’t spoiled beforehand. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle: The revival of Colin Firth’s character in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ spoiled the big reveal in the movie.

Blade Runner 2049: Apparently, Denis Villeneuve aimed to keep Deckard’s appearance in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ as a surprising twist. However, the studio insisted on featuring Harrison Ford prominently in all promotional materials to boost the movie’s sales.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ they gave away a lot in the trailer. They showed Gwen falling, which was just like her death in the comics. She was even wearing the same outfit as in the comic when she died. There were also scenes of Peter crying and what seemed to be blonde hair and a funeral. They didn’t keep it a secret that Rhino would be in the movie either; they showed footage from the very end of the film in the trailer.

Get Out: This might be a reach but in the ‘Get Out’ trailer, there’s a quick scene towards the end of the movie. It shows Rose, the girlfriend, with her hair pulled back, holding a rifle, and giving a menacing look outside the house. This scene made it clear to many that she was going to be a villain in the film.

The Phantom Menace: Many claimed that it would have been a historic moment if they didn’t show Maul’s double saber in the trailer. 

Castaway: In the movie ‘Castaway,’ the trailer actually reveals that the main character successfully returns home. It turns out, that the folks behind the film conducted surveys, and the viewers were so curious about the ending that they included almost the entire movie in the trailer. 

The Truman Show: ‘The Truman Show’ trailer spoiled it by literally showing the main character leaving. It completely ruined the excitement of wondering if he’d make it out, and it wrecked many scenes for viewers who noticed it. 

-Britney Jones