Travis Barker on Blink-182 Relationship: “It Was Always Heavy on My Heart”

Travis Barker, the powerhouse behind Blink-182’s drum kit, recently spilled the beans on the band’s once-strained relationship, and his heartfelt words shed light on what makes their comeback so special. In a recent interview, Barker, along with Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus, discussed their reunion and their much-anticipated album, ‘One More Time…’.

The band’s history is rich, but it’s not without its share of ups and downs. Barker touched upon the heavy burden that lingered in his heart due to the unresolved issues within the trio. He lamented the fact that their friendship, the bedrock of their musical journey, had been somewhat frayed. “It was always heavy on my heart that our friendship wasn’t mended,” Barker confessed. It’s something that anyone who’s ever had a close-knit group of friends can relate to; those unresolved tensions can weigh on you like an anchor.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

But the good news is that these musical brothers are on the path to healing. Barker candidly admitted that the toxic aura that had clouded his heart for reasons that weren’t even entirely valid has dissipated. Their relationship is back on track, and the trio is basking in the warmth of their renewed friendship. 

Barker’s reflections also highlighted the transformative power of reconciliation. “Having the ability to come together and fix the friendship and come back together as the brothers we are is so important to me because it allows me to be so insanely grateful for this,” he shared. It’s this gratitude that now fuels their music, making it all the more meaningful for fans, and for him.

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Beyond the heartfelt reunion, Blink-182 has another treat in store for their fanbase. The band’s upcoming album is generating quite the buzz, with the members calling it “one of the best albums we’ve ever written.” Since their triumphant return at Coachella earlier this year, they’ve been on a roll. They’ve gifted fans with several singles from the album, each earning praise from their audience.

They’ve dropped a series of singles, including ‘Edging,’ ‘One More Time,’ ‘More Than You Know,’ ‘Dance With Me,’ ‘You Don’t Know What You’ve Got’ and ‘Fell In Love.’ 

Blink-182’s journey shows that even when things get heavy, true friendships and shared passion can reignite the spark that made them iconic in the first place. The band’s upcoming album, along with their newfound sense of unity, promises a future that’s as bright as their storied past.

-Britney Jones