Travis Scott Deactivates His IG After Being Trolled

On Sunday, November 1, 2020, the Texas-born rapper Travis Scott deactivated his Instagram account. The rapper didn’t put out anything notifying his followers, as he took down his account right out of the blue. Why? Well, we have been assuming a few things!

First, What Happened?

On Sunday, fans were quick to notice that the Travis Scott had taken down his account and speculation has been rampant ever since. People all across the globe have been wondering why ‘SICKO MODE‘ singer has taken such an action, and at this point, one can only make assumptions as to why he has decided to deactivate his account.

Fascinatingly, Travis Scott’s Twitter account is still functional. The rapper has not posted an update with an explanation on the platform. He has not Tweeted following this mysterious action, however, the account doesn’t seem to be deactivated.

Assumed Reasons:

Over the weekend, images of Travis Scott’s Halloween costume surfaced. For the occasion, the rapper decided to rock a vintage Batman costume. 

The rapper’s attempt at dressing up as the caped crusader didn’t seem to have gone down well with the Internet. Many have flocked to these images to criticize his look. The suit in which Scott is snapped in is brown in colour and he’s even been labelled as “Travis Wayne.”

Not only do these trolls believe that Scott can’t pull off the look, but it also seems like they’ve thrown enough shade at him for him to deactivate his Instagram account.

As of now, no one seems to know the real reason behind the mysterious deactivation of his Instagram page, but many believe that this Twitter backlash could be one of the reasons why. However, we hope this ends and Travis Scorr is back, soon.

By: Aatira Kakroo