Travis Scott Gears Up To Drop New Single ‘Franchise’

Travis Scott is making his return to the music scene with a brand new treat for fans to lap up. He’s got a new tune in the works, this one’s titled, ‘Franchise’. And it will mark Scott’s first solo single of 2020. 

The rap star recently took to Instagram to break the news. He shared the cover art for the track, which leaves room for a lot of intrigue and much-needed deciphering. The artwork displays a Picasso-esque face, splattered with bright colours and mutated facial features. This piece was created by the contemporary American artist George Condo. The artist often works with warped designs, that say a lot from the first glance.

Travis simply captioned his post, “FRANCHISE. Friday. Artwork”. While the rapper hasn’t put out any solo tunes this year, he’s managed to nab some impressive collaboration. He tied up with Kid Cudi in April for their chart-topping hit, ‘The Scotts’. Following this, he joined forces with Rosalia in May, for the dark, poignant track, ‘TKN’. 

Not long after, in June, Travis tied up with Kanye West for ‘Wash Us In The Blood‘ . This tune created waves for its politically heavy themes, experimentative soundscape and also because it arrived bang in the middle of Kanye’s election campaign. 

And more recently, Travis also put out ‘The Plan’ featuring the prolific Ludwig Goransson, for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’. Forged from a rattling bass line and warped melodies, this tune garnered a lot of praise, including some powerful words from Nolan himself. 

‘Franchise’ is set to make its descent on Friday, September 25th. Whether this will kick off a new era in music for Travis Scott, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

By: Nina Karun