Travis Scott Pulls You Into A Dream Sequence For ‘Franchise’

Travis Scott stirred up quite the buzz this week when he announced his return to the music scene with a brand new track. Titled, ‘Franchise’ this tune made its descent today, arriving with its very own music video. The song sees Scott in league with rappers, Young Thug and M.I.A, crafting a psychedelic piece of art. 

‘Franchise’ opens with a string of ambient sounds that gradually segue into a bass thumping cocktail of beats. The track goes on to juggle between rhymes from each star, all in line with a single melody that Scott opens with. Perhaps what makes ‘Franchise’ stand out is the haunting ambient sound that grows and expands alongside every verse. 

Travis Scott Immerses You Into The World of ‘Franchise’

Now, the visualizer for this track proves to be quite the mind-boggling masterpiece. The music video for ‘Franchise’ takes a firm dip into all things surreal. From rooms full of Travis Scott clones that could easily be a nod to Slim Shady, to barren landscapes scattered with looming mirrors to a floating red car – the visuals are crafted to look like a bizarre dream sequence.

Interestingly enough, Travis directed this entire video himself. Further, he even partnered with IMAX to debut this project in select theatres. The young rapper appears to be still riding on the high following his ‘Tenet’ contribution with ‘The Plan‘. The curious ambient soundscape and thematic visuals seen in ‘Franchise’ draw their inspiration from Travis’ work with Christopher Nolan. 

Oh and here’s the kicker, Nolan delivered a handwritten letter to Scott, sharing his excitement over ‘Franchise’, “Travis– Love the video (shot on film, no less!). I can’t wait to hear it on the IMAX speakers, and see those sheep stampede across the giant screen as part of a Travis/Tenet/Travis sandwich!” the legendary filmmaker wrote.

And so, with ‘Franchise’ Travis Scott has proven his ability to craft magic with his music. And for the big screen. 

By: Nina Karun