Travis Scott Songs You Need to Add to Your Playlist

Looking to elevate your playlist? Dive into the sonic universe of Travis Scott, a maestro of contemporary hip-hop. His discography boasts an array of tracks that blend innovative production with poetic lyricism. ‘Stargazing’ takes you into a cosmic journey, while ‘Sicko Mode’ masterfully toggles through dynamic beats. These tracks, each a distinct element, promise to inject your playlist with an infectious energy that’s bound to leave everyone asking you for your playlist. Check out the best Travis Scott songs you need to add to your playlist. 

90210: A haunting and introspective track that explores themes of fame and success, with a hypnotic melody and thought-provoking lyrics.

Antidote: An energetic banger that became a club anthem, with a catchy chorus and heavy trap beats, showcasing Scott’s party-starting side.

3500: A gritty and menacing track featuring a powerful beat and memorable verses, which highlights Travis Scott’s ability to dominate the rap game.

Maria, I’m Drunk:  A moody and atmospheric song featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug, known for its smooth transitions between verses and its dreamy ambience.

Through The Late Night: A psychedelic and spacey track that samples Kid Cudi, creating a trippy vibe that explores themes of escapism.

Goosebumps: An eerie and dark song with a repetitive, hypnotic chorus, featuring Kendrick Lamar, which dives into themes of desire and obsession.

Pick Up The Phone: A catchy and melodic collaboration with Young Thug that’s both playful and emotional, reflecting the complexities of modern relationships.

Way Back: A mellow and reflective track with a chilled-out vibe, offering insight into Travis Scott’s journey in the music industry.

Butterfly Effect: A catchy and upbeat song with a feel-good vibe, known for its memorable hook and catchy melodies.

Yosemite: An atmospheric and melodic track with a laid-back feel, offering a mesmerizing listening experience.

Wake Up: A haunting and introspective song with emotional depth touching on themes of love and longing.

Sicko Mode: A complex and multifaceted track that shifts between different styles and moods, showcasing Travis Scott’s versatility and creativity.

Mamacita: An energetic and bass-heavy song, known for its lively beat and captivating verses. 

-Britney Jones