Travis Scott Wanted ‘Utopia’ To Be A Play

Travis Scott claimed he wanted this album, ‘Utopia, to be a play. In a candid interview, Scott unfolded his initial vision for the album, envisioning it as a play rather than a traditional musical release.

“I wanted the album to be a play,” Scott expressed to the publication, delving into his ambition to transcend the conventional boundaries of Broadway. His idea was audacious, to bring the theatrical experience of Broadway to grander venues, such as stadiums and arenas while maintaining the intimate essence of a Broadway production.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

To materialize this ambitious vision, Scott collaborated with playwright Jeremy O. Harris, known for his innovative and boundary-pushing work. The rapper’s admiration for Harris is evident as he spoke warmly about their creative explorations. “I love Jeremy O. Harris. He’s amazing. We were exploring all these different ideas. I met with him. I met with a couple of different people. We just talked about the idea of it happening. I was still trying to figure it out,” Scott revealed.

Scott’s desire to create a play is not a fleeting notion. He expressed a genuine interest in exploring the world of theatre and emphasized his willingness to venture into this realm in the future. 

Image Courtesy: People

Beyond his aspirations in the realm of entertainment, the interview sheds light on an unexpected facet of Travis Scott’s past, his childhood dream of becoming a nephrologist. The rapper recounted a sleepover at a friend’s house, where he encountered the uncle of his friend, a nephrologist. The encounter left a lasting impression, sparking Scott’s fascination with the idea of becoming a kidney doctor.

“I don’t know why being a kidney doctor was just such… I think it was his swag,” Scott humourously reflected, reminiscing about the allure of his friend’s uncle. The notion of saving lives and the captivating mix of medicine and business intrigued him throughout middle school, high school and even into his college years.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Scott’s revelation about his early aspirations adds depth to his persona, showcasing a parallel universe where he could have pursued a career in medicine. The rapper’s dedication to shadowing at hospitals during his college years reflects a genuine passion for the field.

-Britney Jones