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Trevor Daniel Discusses Selena Gomez, His Rise to Fame & the Future

The rising star, Trevor Daniel, was recently thrust under the spotlight after he put out a remixed version of his catchy track, ‘Past Life’ featuring Selena Gomez. The original cut of this tune finds its space on Trevor’s debut album, “Nicotine”. Now, the artist recently sat down for an interview where he shed some light on the creative process behind “Nicotine“, working alongside Selena Gomez and his dreams for the future. 

For starters, Trevor touched upon his favourite aspect of this album and its running theme. “I don’t know if I can have one singular song that I would say is my favorite because I enjoy the entire album but “Past Life,” I feel, will always be a standout for me because I was able to be in the studio with Finneas and I learned a lot from him when working on that record,” the star stated, “There definitely is a common factor within all the songs in the sense that they all speak to the storyline of where my headspace was with someone at a certain time in my life…”

Much like ‘Past Life’, the other tracks on his record also dabble with the idea of moving on from a difficult relationship and allowing some things to remain in the past. Trevor Daniel himself emphasized the importance of discussing mental health issues openly rather than bottling it all in. The star added that he was grateful to be able to have a platform where he could freely voice his anxieties. 

Speaking of getting Selena Gomez on board for this project, the star said, “The experience was amazing, collaborating with her was a dream come true. I remember telling Finneas when working on the song that she would be perfect on it.” And the next collaborator on his list? Trevor is hoping to tie up with the rap phenomenon, Travis Scott. 

And finally, the star dished out where he hopes his musical journey will take him, “By the next decade, I want to continue to put out the best music I can, go on a world tour, be nominated for the Grammys, and hopefully snag a win. Also, continue to help people to know they aren’t alone in their thoughts and try to bring them comfort through my music.”

By: Nina Karun

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