Trivia About Five Musicians!

The lives of musicians have always been of great interest to us! However, we hardly know anything about them. Today let’s discuss trivia about five musicians and their influence on the world! 

Image Courtesy: Deutschlandfunk
  1. Mozart sold more CDs than Beyoncé in 2016. However, that’s not all. Mozart also beat Adele and Drake even though they had Grammy-winning hits that year. The reason for this was that the Universal Music Group released a box set to honour Mozart  on his 225th death anniversary. 
Image Courtesy: Us Weekly
  1. When we use YouTube, we must give a little credit to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction controversy at the Super Bowl XXXVIII show in 2004. Jawed Karim, who founded YouTube with two others, said that he was inspired by two incidents. One, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and the other, the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in India. 
Image Courtesy: People
  1. The official drummer for The Offspring left the band to become an obstetrician-gynaecologist and gynaecologic oncologist. James Lilja was the original drummer for the pop-punk band during the mid-1980s. He played on their debut single ‘I’ll be Waiting’ and their debut album ‘The Offspring’.
Image Courtesy: CNN
  1. The Beatles could neither read nor write music! Paul McCartney admitted in an interview in 2018, that none of the band members understood music theory at all. He stated that music just came to them and was never written down.
Image Courtesy: Billboard
  1. Metallica holds a Guinness World Record for becoming the first musical act to play a concert on all seven continents. Talk about worldwide recognition! They did this in 2013 when they performed for scientists and competition winners in Antarctica. Earlier, they had played in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

– Riya Sohini