Troye Sivan Claims Janet Jackson Changed The Trajectory of His Life

Troye Sivan is back with a brand-new album that’s all about celebrating the beauty of connections and the power of togetherness. In his recent appearance on the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Sivan shed light on the inspiration behind his latest album, ‘Something to Give Each Other.’

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

What’s immediately striking about this album is its emphasis on the beauty of all types of connections. Sivan passionately describes it as a celebration of “every sort of connection being beautiful in its way, and of togetherness and community and joy.” He’s drawn from his experiences and emotions over the last few years to create this masterpiece.

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The album itself was a labour of love that spanned a considerable amount of time. Sivan explains that he composed these tracks over a period, realizing along the way that the overarching themes in his life during this time were overwhelmingly joyous. This is not the melancholic warmth we’ve come to associate with his previous work, but a brighter, more celebratory warmth that reflects the personal growth and positivity he’s experienced.

One particular source of inspiration for this transformation is the legendary Janet Jackson. Sivan recalls attending one of her early shows at the Hollywood Bowl, an experience that had a profound impact on his musical journey. He reminisces about hearing ‘Together Again’ for the first time, and how the melody and warmth in that song altered the trajectory of his life as a musician and songwriter. He strived to capture that warmth on ‘Something to Give Each Other,’ and from what the reviews have said so far, he’s succeeded.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

The album’s lead single, ‘Rush,’ made a significant impact upon its release in July. It climbed into the top 40 on the Billboard Global 200 chart and even found a spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The accompanying music video, directed by Gordon von Steiner and shot by cinematographer Stuart Winecoff, brought a scorching visual element to the track. Sivan reflects on the challenges he faced in getting this video made, given that his vision for it was influenced by the mega-budget music videos of pop stars from his upbringing. His persistence paid off, as ‘Rush’ reached a wide audience and received much-deserved praise.

Following ‘Rush,’ Sivan released two more buzzing singles and videos: ‘Got Me Started’ and ‘One of Your Girls.’ Both were created in collaboration with Von Steiner and Winecoff, to maintain Sivan’s creative vision for this album.

Image Courtesy: Billboard

As the album has now been released, fans are left wondering if a tour is in the cards. While Sivan hasn’t announced a plan just yet, he’s contemplating it and feeling the pressure to deliver something extraordinary. He wants this tour to be the biggest of his life, matching the grandeur of the album and the visual storytelling in his music videos.

Troye Sivan’s ‘Something to Give Each Other,’ with its bright, celebratory warmth and catchy tracks, will surely become a cherished part of Sivan’s discography and a source of inspiration for fans around the world. 

-Britney Jones