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Troye Sivan Gets Personal with New Single: ‘Easy’

Troye Sivan releases new single

Australian singer-songwriter, Troye Sivan, hops back on the music landscape with his new single, ‘Easy’. After two weeks of teasing the release, fans can finally rejoice in the synth-pop goodness that is this song.

In the post that first teased the song, Troye Sivan revealed that he was “very very scared” about the imminent release. In many posts since then, Troye has gone on to indicate just how personal ‘Easy’ is.

Taking to his stories earlier today, Troye wrote: “Feeling uncomfortable. But, maybe that’s a good thing.” He further revealed, “The creative process has saved my life these last few months. I feel weird and nervy talking about it too much bc it’s like insanely personal but it felt so good to put it in music and to make it w my favourite people.” 

Troye Sivan Gets Personal

Take a look at the lyrics, and Troye’s sentiments won’t come as a surprise. To an upbeat, 80s synth-pop beat, Troye Sivan details the uncertainties of a crumbling relationship. The verse opens strong, with what may be one of his most vulnerable songwriting moments. He sings: “You ran away to find something to say/ I went astray to make it okay// And he made it easy, darlin’// I’m still in love and I say that because/ I know how it seems between you and me/ It hasn’t been easy darlin’’.

The chorus, sung in distorted elements, witnesses Troye’s need for reassurance. He croons, “This house is on fire, woo!/ Burning the tears/ Right off my face/ What the hell did we do?/ Tell me we’ll make it through.”

Delivering a fresh sound and what may be his most exploratory writing, ‘Easy’ is the full package. Troye Sivan walks the fine line between a catchy pop tune and a song that allows space for his artistic expression.

‘Easy’ is just the beginning of new music from the Australian singer. In a post following the release, Troye Sivan announced the release of a brand new EP, slated for the 21st of August.

‘Easy’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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