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Troye Sivan Gifts Himself a Song: ‘Rager teenager!’

Troye Sivan releases new single

Late last night, Troye Sivan, surprised fans with a brand new track from his upcoming EP, “In A Dream”. The track, which Troye says is “dedicated to myself”, is called ‘Rager teenager!’ and takes the singer’s new musical era a step further. 

‘Rager teenager!’ marks the second release from Sivan’s upcoming EP; the first being the single, ‘Easy’. The latest release is a meticulous arrangement of bedroom pop and ambient, electro-pop elements. Lyrically, the track speaks of letting go, “f**king sh*t up”, and incorporates interesting punk themes. 

In addition, ‘Rager teenager!’ is accompanied by an official music video. Adding to the list of music videos shot in quarantine, Troye can be seen performing the song from his bathtub. The entire video is shot in a single, still-shot frame. But, in a surprising turn of events, the Australian singer blends elements from his new universe – warped, distorted visions of himself, as the track progresses.

Interestingly, distortion and blurred lines seem to define the upcoming release, constructing Troye Sivan’s very own dream world. Thematically, ‘Rager teenager!’ doesn’t veer far from Troye’s previous work. In addition, it combines familiar production elements with familiar lyrical tropes.

But, the new releases do what Sivan hasn’t dabbled in before – putting together a conceptual album. And, while ‘Take Yourself Home’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Rager teenager!’ may offer similar explorations, this upcoming era dares to offer a new Troye Sivan. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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