Troye Sivan’s Pop Reinvention: Reviewing ‘In A Dream’

Troye Sivan releases new EP

Troye Sivan has finally made his landing in music again, with the release of his much anticipated EP, “In A Dream”. The 6-track project arrived earlier today, and sees the Australian singer-songwriter experimenting with new production styles and themes. Detailing heartbreak, infatuation and loss, Troye takes us into his experimental, alt-pop dream state on this EP

Troye’s New World

The project features previously released singles like ‘Take Yourself Home’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Rager teenager!’. In addition, “In A Dream” also features a closing track of the same name, a new song called ‘STUD’ and an interlude called ‘could cry just thinking about you’. And, as predicted, Troye weaves a conceptual album for the first time, with each track carrying forward the story. In addition to the exploration of new lyrical themes, the various production elements on the EP also mirror the motions of a dream sequence. 

Troye Mirrors a Dream State

Further, using  elements like the electric guitar, grime arrangements and a sprinkle of grunge pop production, every track on the catalogue is a journey through  Troye’s dream state. Experimenting with non-linear soundscapes, Troye mirrors the jarring vignettes reminiscent of one’s dreams, never letting you get too comfortable. 

The opening track, ‘Take Yourself Home’ sets the tone aptly, giving listeners a taste of what’s to come. ‘Easy’, a synth-pop break up anthem offers up a sound most familiar to Troye’s previous work. On ‘STUD’, Troye dabbles with tones, voice effects and symbolism, using the ‘Adam & Eve’ trope to cheekily detail infatuation

“In A Dream” seems to be Troye Sivan’s first attempt at a conceptual album. And, as he pursues the dream state, he has reinvented his pop persona, reaching the expanse of alternative, experimental soundscapes.

By: Ahalya Narayanan