Twenty One Pilots Claim Their Rightful Spot on the Charts!

Twenty One Pilots is at it again after quite a spectacular 2019 with tours selling out faster than hotcakes. Their more recent track, ‘Level of Concern’ has hit No. 1 on the Hot Rock Songs charts, which is quite rightfully their favorite place. They’ve previously hung around that particular spot with their worldwide undoubted hits — ‘Heathens’, ‘Stressed Out’, and ‘Ride’. 

The numbers are delightful too. ‘Level of Concern’ garnered 12,000 downloads and 10.6 million streams across the US, in the week of 16th April.  

Have a look at the song and decide if you’re gonna be riding through your quarantine on this one: “Panic on the brink, world has gone insane, things are starting to get heavy, I can’t help but think, haven’t felt this way, since I asked you to go steady / Wondering, would you be, my little quarantine?”

Also, consider that a portion of the proceeds made from the song are going toward the crew members working with Twenty One Pilots, for their could-have-been tour. “It provides funding for people who work in the live music industry who don’t have a job right now,” said Joseph, one half of the duo.

Well, they deserve a nice long round of applause, for both, their sensitivity to this issue and the steps they’ve taken to help others out.